Zealium Coin (NZL) Stats Live

Today Zealium Coin (NZL) stats have gone live for all to view.

Zealium coin will implement a more modern approach to proving blockchain consensus while at the same time generating better investor reward/s. This process is refered to as ‘POS’ or proof of stake. Zealium Coin will also feature MasterNode implementation. Zealium coin will partner (early on) with a crypto dice site currently in the works: Zealium is currently a small team, primarily from a small country, with big ambitions- to make a difference here and to the future of trade or barter. Being in the rather tiny minority of successful cryptocurrency adaptors within New Zealand Zealium has only but one option to rate themselves-The standard Kiwi way. By default; self qualified to succeed.

We’re happy to welcome Zealium Coin into our community!

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